ETHICS IN REAL ESTATE - Trash Talking, Gossip and Dissing

Dated: 01/25/2019

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Ethics pretty much fits into every day life, not necessarily restricted to the Real Estate World. Whether you are a business person that may be up against a competitor for a new customer account, someone up for a promotion against another candidate or maybe a Real Estate Broker talking to a seller who is looking to list their home, you have to act like a pro regardless of the sellers plan to speak to another agent. Most of the sellers I have ever dealt with interview 2-3 agents before they make their final decision.  

You walked in confident, polite, gave the seller the BEST presentation you could, you know your market, your were realistic, you hit it off with the seller, they seemed to like you. You were ready to go to the next step. The next being.......Get the listing signed. But wait, seller has other plans, then the seller drops the bomb on you. They tell you they are holding off on all commitments until they speak to the next agent who is on their way for the next Realtor interview.  Deflated. You're confidence just got knocked down a couple of pegs. Maybe a little hot under the collar by now. That little Devil jumps on your shoulder to entice you to speak evil about the next agent. Don't give in, remember the worst possible thing to do is to trash talk or spread gossip about the competition.  

If you have the desire to take the low road remember that a licensed Real Estate agent is in violation of The NAR Code of Ethics, Duties to Realtors, Article 15, if you do. Article 15 basically says that Realtors should not make any false or misleading statements about other Real Estate professionals, their businesses, or their business practices.  REALTORS® should concentrate on their own abilities and experience, while presenting their personal plan to provide the best service to the client.

If you feel the urge to say something wrong. STOP! Remember there's trouble in the words you speak.  Please don't make a habit out of negativity. In our biz, there are fines involved if you are found in violation. Try to see the good in the situation. Be confident that you are the person for the job. The client wants you! 

Here's another tip which I know this can be hard but try. If you can picture "3" good things about the person you're up against this may help diffuse that feeling in the pit of your stomach. I can appreciate how you feel as the rising cauldron of negativity begins brewing inside your belly while the other agency is on the way. And the seller just telling you, they won't sign with anyone until they hear from the other agent. Just remember you are the BETTER agent, you are the pro, you gave a good presentation, you know your market, you are the right agent for the job. Resist the temptation, listen to the Angel on your shoulder instead. Pack it up, thank the seller for the opportunity. If possible muster up some kind words for the other agency and let the seller know it.

I have found that in being confident, kind and professional at all times was the best practice. You won't win them all but you will win a lot.

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