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I want to make money to get out of debt

I’m grateful for all the hard lessons and time that I spent

I want to learn more about life, so I bloom

And leave behind any memories of darkness and gloom

In spite of the debt and my bills piling high

I am blessed beyond words with the days that go by

I know I am never alone and always feel loved

Because he is there always, the Good Lord above.

LJ Korz

It's a NEW YEAR!

I was decluttering my office at the end of 2019 found this poem.  I thought it would be fun to share some encouragement for the New Year.  Especially, if you've had some trials lately.   I came across this poem I wrote back in 2008 when I was divoricing, had 2 children under the age of 10, 3 dogs, a house with a mortgage, lots of bills piling up on my desk, making ends meet as a commissioned Real Estate agent at the onset of the housing recession.  Yup, that was me.  Fast forward, today my kids are in college, doing well.  I managed to get my bills in order, stay in my home after a few loan modifications later.   Things will always improve if you stay focused, see a positive outcome, then map your way to it because you need a plan to get there.  

If you are still renting, living with your family or buying a home alone for the first time,  this poem is for you.  It's hard to save money to buy a home.  It can take years to do it depending on your situation.   If you have been looking for a home and turned down for a loan, this poem is dedicated to you.  You have saved and sacrificed to buy a place but can't get approved.  This poem is for you.  Keep on saving, pay down some more debt, then give it another try.  If you stay steady, keep the dream alive, you will buy your own home.  If you need any assistance in purchase, questions on properties, financing and other real estate matters contact me.  I am always available to help you with your Real Estate needs.  Buyers or Sellers put my 28 years of Real Estate experience to the test.

I would LOVE to be of SERVICE to you.  

HAVE A HAPPY AND AWESOME 2020!  Lucy (732)684-1559 Call me direct 

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I want to make money to get out of debtI’m grateful for all the hard lessons and time that I spentI want to learn more about life, so I bloomAnd leave behind any memories of darkness and

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