Death Of A Parent Steps You Can Take

Dated: 12/05/2017

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It doesn't matter how old you are when a parent passes away,  Adult Grief Over Loss of a Parent can put you through a range of emotions. If a parent dies,  through old age, unexpectedly, or from disease, the most common emotions and normal reactions include: Confusion.  It can be devastating.  There could be a surviving parent that you may need to tend to for various reasons.

First and foremost is to cope with your feelings of loss.  Let your emotions out.  Go to bereavement support groups, lean on family and friends that you can trust.  Allow yourself to deal with the loss, handling your grief and not to ignore it,  is the most important thing.

If there isn't a surviving parent, find out who needs to be notified.  If the parent was employed, had a responsibility to someone somewhere, etc.

Are there pets that need assistance?  Can your surviving parent still handle the responsibility of caring for the pet?

You and if there is a surviving parent next step should be to identify a support network.  Can you lean on friends or family members to assign a task, be there is you need a favor as you are going through the process?  Can you create a list of things that could be helpful to you.

Is there a Last Will and Testament?  You may want to go to the estate attorney or planner to find out if there is a Will prepared for you parent?  If not, check with the Surrogate's office.  They will assistance with questions on the probate process..  For example, in Monmouth County, see link, you can contact the Office of the Surrogate to assistant.

Consult an Estate attorney or CPA so you understand the process, the legalities, the tax implications that arise during the process.

If there is no surviving parent, while you are waiting to get everything settled a good idea is to freeze tangible and intangible assets, (assets can include cars, jewelry, art work, home, 401K's, IRA's, etc.) keep an inventory of everything, change the locks.

Place an obituary in the newspaper, plan the funeral service depending on the religious beliefs.  In your planning of the service, not a bad idea to compare prices, get recommendations, etc.

Identify outstanding bills and debts that your parents may have had, i.e.  mortgage, credit card debt, taxes, etc.  Any and all of these institutions, corporations may need proof of death.  Cancel any unneeded bills. Request at least 10 copies of the death certificate as you are settling the estate you may need copies for proof of death.

Contact any media companies that your parent may have had an account with, email, cell phone companies, etc.  You may want to google your parent's name to see what kind of digital footprint they had.

As far as your parents family home and there is no surviving parent or spouse, don't cancel the insurance on the home.  A good idea maybe to turn off the plumbing and have the home winterized if the home will be sitting vacant while the estate is being settled.   Prior to selling, clean out of home of any personal belongings inside, if possible put any repairs on any major issues effecting the property, maintain the property as best you can until the time it is to sell the home.  When selling your home, not a bad idea to get several opinions on the home value and how the agent will be best qualified to get the home sold.  It is important to speak to the real estate agent about how they will market your property and attempt to achieve your objectives. Make sure the agent understands the market you are in and is familiar with recent sales so the price can be listed appropriately. Referrals from family and trusted friends or advisers are a good way to locate real estate agents to interview.



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